Melangkap, Kota Belud


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Assalammu'alaikum..  Hi guys,

Wahh..  Rupanya lagi mudah update melalui hp,  menaip dgn lebih mudah dan pantas.. Alah2 chatting 😁

Sometimes you can't even manage to get everything on the right path even though you know of things existing. 

Back to the point. I Want to share a great place for escape 😎 went there on March then baru sekarang mau update.. kah!

You know what..  Nowadays peoples bcome so lazy,  everything is on your phone.  And everything is work on uncle Google right. Yeah either you're lucky or not u will get some info from google kan. 

Im not giving so much information here..  Forgot already,  sorry. But the place is worth to visit

Dating ,  family and friends gathering,  company,  organisation,  school trip. Almost perfect place! 

Last time pegi memang mandi sungai jak keja,  makan,  lepas tu mandi lagi, bbq pun makcik yg tolong ahahaa.. Tengah malam nak masuk subuh sejukkkk sangat,  so better bawa selimut tebal2, sleeping bag pun ok jg. 😂