Short Note!


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Hi guys, long no time no see oOo..i haven't update my blog for a couple of month. i'm totally no idea to post anything here,. no story , no sharing , no more tears  hahaa ( Astagfirullah) what happen to me! seems like i lost my self to other world, i'll try to fix everything but i still at the back here (blurr) -_-"   why ah??? anyone can help me..(you don't need anyone, you need reload your 'Iman', find yourself 1st lahhh) " this is voice i heard from the other side in my mind. kannn..betul lah tu..

Dear my blog..recently i'm so so busy, i'm so sorry to let you here alone . mydear blog usang you can't even speak to me.. i speak for myself actually :D, how could be like this.. 

Guys, if you have something to do, anything lah, please make it right now..( i said now) >_< and leave this blog! ok bye.. i need to sleep.. i have class on 8, huhuu

Salam Muhasabah 

* buang tebiat speaking rojak malam hahaa~