Can't I be like you?


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Assalammulaikum waramatullah ^_^

Peace be upon Him,Rasulullah S.A.W 

Hey, it's been a long time.. 

I wanted write something today .. hence I keep push myself that "i Need to do something" then.. shhh it was like my head stuck somewhere else..

what i'm trying to say here.. just hmmm, I just admire your hardworking , keep doing something that u like mostly everyday and had a wonderful day surround with people you love..is not that great being like you? Huh.. I wish i could be in your place. go to your favorite place with favorite person..woww that's really mean

I'm talking about admiring people's life. They always look great.. envy with their great moment, most people dream the same thing right? But then we always forgot something ..Just Be grateful with your own life! If you really want it? then fight for something worth  with yourself. 

Is not that your life isn't good,You had everything you want.. at least, you still have a family. It is okay to admire someone life, but pls don't compare your life with them okay ? ..It will make your hurt sometimes. yes..It is 

I'am grateful and thankful for all i have now! Thanks to person who always be there for me..Thank you Allah. 

My Life just begin, so.. ready for fight!! 

We grown-up and will hurt a lot, i'll learn form my mistake..Appreciate them so much, and keep moving for achieve a real dream life. 

May ALLAH Bless us for all kindness to this world! Ameenn..

*Sorry for grammatical error ^_^ oh my broken english

Berlinda Ibrahim