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Assalammualaikum warahmahtullah~ 

Fuuhh..lamanya tidak update blog ~_~ 

Alhamdulillah Allah bagi kelapangan waktu ketika ini,  seriusss.. macam tidak pandai mengayat pulak! Haiih.. macamlah sebelum ni pandai sangat mengayat kan :P 

Allahuakbar ...cepatnya masa berlalu, tick tack!!!! 3x.. i don't know how to put my word here "-_-  Ok positif! take a deep breath...huhhh~

I almost finish my second year in the university, and now..what i'm doing?? just let the times go and don't think too much about the problem happening around here.I'm thinking~~~ take your steps and keep moving forward,to your future yahooOO.. i didn't expect my life can be like this. I miss someone who can give me motivate, carrying about me, share the problems~ Haiyaa...but it's not the big problem actually kan..kan :-)  i have a lovely family, my friends  and someone waiting for me..hahaaa :-D ~ just kidding, who's the unlucky man out there?? tadaaa....

 sometimes we need time relax and enjoy ourselves.  ok Berr times up to merapu!

Allah kan ada ^_^ this is word i'll keep in my heart to be are positive thinker! :-) InsyaAllah~ Everything is gonna be alright! you should try..

When we are upset with something that we don't want it happen to us? probably we lost of control right, almost people faces this kind of problem..that's why we need "iman"! the strength of human spiritual. or we call it spiritual awakening..so for those who are looking for their strength.. just find it into the yourself. keep in touch with our CREATOR! once your lost connection, u'll lost yourself and your LIFE!

Peoples out there are so busy about the PRU13.. politics make me sick! seriously..but sometimes it's quiet good to help us thinking other people concern kan :-D 
sorry i'm use my own English ..don't blame Mr.google, coz i didn't use him anymore ..except for the assignment. hahaa... this is my first time speaking omputeh here okay! at least i'm trying..hehee

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Wassalam :)