The first of 2017 #itsme


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Hai 2017, lajunya awak jalan..  Kita tak sempat buat ending yang cantik utk 2016.

Berkurunn blog ni menunggu untuk dihidupkan kembali.  Jiwanya sudah lama terbang..otaknya semakin tepu dan banyak tertipu! 

How is your 2017 guys?  Hopefully everything is good and of course you doing great.yes you are!  There is nothing can stop us, catch the Big dreamm! 

ALLAH IS KNOW BETTER. Believe this girl!  
Whatever we plan just make it happen, even it is just in your dream. Who knows right.. 

I'm not sure what gonna happen to me, it just happened too fast.  I make mistake.. And I admit that.  But decision has been made,  no one can change that.. Unless is Allah wills.  Remember..

My dear friend,  thanks for being with me..  I love you guys!  
I think I'll start again..  Make a new hobby, meet new people.. Expand my networking to the the world.. Yuhuuu sangat.  Ooh.. I just love blogging, but i don't how to put everything here like other people do.. 

Share the positive vibe... This is good! Mybe I'm not a real success person.  But i have story to share.. I have an experience to talk about kan.

New book, new story, new people .. And more excitement! 

I'll be back soon! 
#blogging #spreadlove #mylife #mystory #relax #recharge #eatpraylove 

Is it #hastag working here?

The power of CHANGE!  

*Insomniac is back hahaha..